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Welcome, Bianca!

We’re excited to have Bianca Devoto join our Innovation and Research Department!

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January 12, 2024

We’re excited to have Bianca join Milagros, Patricia, Charlie Blue, Kaitlyn, and April in our Innovation and Research department as a Senior Manager. Bianca Devoto, MSPH, brings 8 years of research and project management experience to her role. Bianca has a background in public health research and has worked across government, academic and nonprofit sectors.

Bianca is all about research that makes good sense (that is, research that’s accessible, rooted in folks’ lived experiences, and leads to real social change!).

Bianca is all about research that makes good sense (that is, research that’s accessible, rooted in folks’ lived experiences, and leads to real social change!). She is passionate about improving sexual and reproductive health in the U.S. and protecting reproductive rights.

With a background in global health, Bianca thrives working on diverse, collaborative teams (so long as there’s a work plan! 😉). Whether it’s a research project or her office desk, Bianca loves organization. As a Senior Manager, Bianca makes sure projects are on time, on budget, and always aligned with the mission—to uplift young people’s voices and improve their health outcomes.

In her free time, Bianca enjoys running, playing softball, competing in trivia nights with friends, and walking her dog Frankie (short for Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

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Bianca Devoto

We asked Bianca what she wished she had learned in sex ed growing up but didn’t, and she shared, “I wish I had learned anything else other than pregnancy prevention. It seems like the entire premise of sex ed was to keep us from having sex and getting pregnant. Yet I left with virtually no knowledge of consent, safe sex or healthy relationships. My sex ed class in high school was titled “Health” and was taught by the wrestling coach. Class lessons were equal parts: don’t drink soda (oh and also) don’t get pregnant. When we only talk about pregnancy in sex ed, we aren’t setting youth up for success. And when we only talk about it in terms of prevention, we make sex something to be afraid or ashamed of. Through my work, I hope I can give youth real tools to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health.”

In the wintertime, Bianca shares that “you can find me snuggling on the couch with my pup, drinking gallons of peppermint tea, starting craft projects (that I’ll never finish), and baking breads and treats (I’m currently working through Sohla El-Waylly’s new cookbook).”

Welcome to the crew, Bianca!

PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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