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Welcome, Jen!
We’re excited to have Jennifer Patino-Perez join our Innovation and Research Department!  
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May 2, 2024

We’re excited to have Jennifer “Jen” Patino-Perez join Milagros, April, Bianca, Charlie Blue, Emily, Kaitlyn, and Patricia in our Innovation and Research department, as a Project Coordinator.

Their work is fueled by the pursuit of health equity and inclusion in sexual and reproductive health for all young people.

Jen brings diverse experience and background, ranging from youth engagement, policy advocacy, political organizing, facilitation, and community-based participatory action research. Jen has experience as a program coordinator and curriculum developer, with a strong background in student mentorship, college advising, and community and youth engagement. They have led policy advocacy projects, specifically around tuition equity, and worked in electoral organizing with Latine and Spanish-speaking communities. Jen brings a culturally relevant approach and a commitment to social justice and equity.  With a B.S. in Community and Justice Studies and Theatre Studies, Jennifer applies an intersectional lens and liberatory practices while also using a creative background with theatre of the oppressed in their facilitation work. Their work is fueled by the pursuit of health equity and inclusion in sexual and reproductive health for all young people. 

As project coordinator, Jen supports Thrivology, in addition to a variety of smaller projects in the Innovation and Research Department. Jen will support the Research Alliance and Thrivology Youth Leaders, including coordinating meetings and events, monitoring and providing guidance related to partner activities, and serving as the liaison for external stakeholders.

If they could wave a magic wand and do anything to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health outcomes, Jen would, “create accessible and immediate access to inclusive and diverse sexual and reproductive health classes in all school spaces. I’d love to live in a world with access to resources and care with no limitations.”

Jennifer Patino-Perez

We asked Jen what they wished they had learned in sex ed growing up but didn’t, and they shared, “I think like many people, I wish it went beyond abstinence. That’s the bare minimum. My dream sex ed class involves talking about queer sex, dating, healthy communication, agency, body autonomy, gender, and sexuality. I dream that sex ed classes will also involve creating safe spaces to explore what sex, pleasure, love, and relationships means for us. I dream that future sex ed classes can also explore and discuss systems of oppression and how sex, gender, race, and sexuality intersect, and topics like misogynoir. And power dynamics! It exists in everything, and we need to be talking about that more and truly analyzing it.”

When they’re not working, Jen enjoys “yoga and meditation. I love exploring new foods (Thai, Indian, and sweets, of course) and restaurants, creating a Taylor Swift concert from home with my friends, and passing my time in bookstores (young adult romance and fantasy).”

Jennifer can also be found on hikes or walking their young dog, “Oso” (meaning “Bear” in Spanish), hunting for Taylor Swift’s Easter eggs, and rewatching Abbott Elementary episodes…too much.

Welcome to the crew, Jen!  

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