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Welcome, Jerrica!

We’re excited to have Jerrica Davis join our Capacity Building department!

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December 1, 2023

Jerrica Davis, MPH, is a passionate public health professional with a commitment to improving the health and well-being of all adolescents through equity- and reproductive justice-centered work.

She has experience facilitating sexual health and youth development programs and trainings around topics such as healthy relationships, STI prevention and treatment, and youth engagement. Jerrica has expertise in relationship building, technical assistance, and group facilitation and brings a passion for meeting the unique needs of all youth.

She believes in ensuring all young people, especially those from marginalized or underserved communities, are equipped with the necessary tools and services to achieve optimal health.

She believes in ensuring all young people, especially those from marginalized or underserved communities, are equipped with the necessary tools and services to achieve optimal health.

In her role as Senior Manager, Capacity Building, Jerrica manages a variety of federally-funded adolescent sexual health projects that support youth-supporting professionals to deliver comprehensive and equitable sexual health programs and curricula. She facilitates trainings, develops and maintains instructional materials, and utilizes her expertise in adolescent sexual health topics to equip adult learners with the tools necessary to advance comprehensive sex education.

Previously, Jerrica worked at the National Coalition of STD Directors, where she provided technical and capacity building assistance to local health departments and state education agencies on providing safe, supportive, and inclusive adolescent sexual health education and services. She also worked at Crittenton Services of Greater Washington where she delivered school-based sexual health and social emotional learning programs to adolescent girls in the Washington, DC, metro area.

Outside of Healthy Teen Network, Jerrica currently serves on the Board of Directors for TheraPink for Girls, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the mental health of teen girls in Atlanta, GA.

Outside of working with other youth-supporting professionals, Jerrica loves to spend time with family and friends and curl up with a good true crime documentary.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jerrica Davis

We asked Jerrica what she wished she had learned in sex ed growing up but didn’t, and she shared, “I wish I learned about healthy relationships and understanding boundaries.  Sex ed definitely did not include how to navigate conversations with a partner or setting and being firm with boundaries, and I ended up learning a lot around these topics through negative experiences. Being equipped with that knowledge and having support is so important to prevent young people from having to learn these things the hard way.”  

Jerrica’s favorite winter activities include cozying up with a heated blanket, drinking a cup of hot tea, and putting on a good movie or TV show. 

Welcome to the crew, Jerrica!  

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