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Welcome, Patricia!

We’re excited to have Patricia Natalie join Mila and Nick in our Innovation & Research department.

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April 7, 2022

Patricia Natalie is a curious learner who loves to ask questions and find patterns. If you look closer, you might think you actually see a light bulb above Patricia’s head when she sees a connection or realizes something in her research. She loves using those insights to co-create changes—big or small—that make the world a better place. 

Patricia’s bright spark of creative energy is only one of the reasons why we’re excited that she’s joined our Innovation and Research Department! She joined our team in March and is eager to explore, learn, and collaborate in her role as Design Researcher. 

She aims to use design-thinking to co-create interventions that place youth at the center of the process.

As Design Researcher at Healthy Teen Network, Patricia will utilize her quantitative and qualitative research skills to uncover meaningful human-centered insights in the field of adolescent sexual health and reproductive justice. She aims to use design-thinking to co-create interventions that place youth at the center of the process.  

Prior to Healthy Teen Network, Patricia was a UX/UI Designer for a health technology company, a behavioral science firm, and a few consultancies for eating disorder recovery. Patricia is also a volunteer with the UN Women USA Los Angeles Chapter, where she utilizes both visual design and design-thinking to advocate for women’s rights and gender justice. 

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Patricia Natalie

We asked Patricia what she wish she had learned in sex ed growing up but didn’t, and she shared, “Well – I wish I learned anything at all! I went to an all-girls Catholic school in Indonesia and Singapore, where our skirts had to be absolutely below the knee, or else. I don’t think we had any sex ed curriculum, but even if we did, it was probably designed for poor retention. When I first got to my college dorm room in Los Angeles, we were handed off condoms, and I asked my roommate why they had flavors 🙃 We laughed it off then, but it wasn’t until years later that I realized that much bigger systemic problems are at play. I wish I learned about pleasure, consent, changing bodies, relationships, sexuality, and so much more.” 

In her free time, Patricia can be found browsing offbeat Airbnbs or walking her sweet, black cat on a leash (yep—it’s one of Patricia’s proudest accomplishments). Her favorite spring-time activities include nature walks, hammock naps, and outdoor dining.  

And having grown up in three different countries, Patricia sees the world differently and always makes time for travel.  

Welcome to the crew, Patricia!  

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