Youth-Friendly Services Assessment Tool and Guide

Date: November 15, 2016

This resource includes an interactive tool, including a guide and complete bibliography, to help you assess if your clinic delivers services in a youth-friendly way.

Offering youth-friendly services means that clinical services are provided in a way that makes it easy and comfortable for youth to seek out and receive the services they need. Key components of youth-friendly services include confidentiality, and access to a full range of services. Another key aspect of youth-friendly services is that all youth are treated equally. Offering youth-friendly services is of great importance because it can increase utilization of clinic services and have positive impacts on current and future well-being.

This resource is designed to inform clinic staff who work with youth about the meaning of youth-friendly services and provide an overview of how a clinic can become more youth-friendly. This resource provides a brief overview about youth-friendly services.

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Citation: Appelson, J., & Garrido, M. (2016). Youth-friendly services self-assessment tool. Baltimore: Healthy Teen Network.

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