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Navigating the Politics of Public Health: Finding Common Ground in Support of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Presentation Available Online & In-Person

This four-part webinar series is a companion piece to the issue brief, Finding Common Ground: An Overview on Key Conservative Principles to Support Shared Goals for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Participants will learn how to advocate in support of adolescent sexual and reproductive health with conservative-leaning policymakers and key stakeholders, including…

  • strategies for knowing your audience to understand their background and perspective;
  • opportunities for finding common ground to work toward a shared goal;
  • leveraging the media to increase your public awareness; and
  • tactics for identifying and cultivating key messengers and mobilizing your community.

By understanding these views and finding common ground, we can focus on shared goals and improve the lives of young people. Build your capacity to navigate the politics of public health and find common ground in support of adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

Contributing Staff

Part 1

Know Your Audience: Strategies for Opening Channels of Communication

When communicating with elected officials or stakeholders, it is important to understand their background and perspective: this will inevitably lead to a more productive conversation. This session provides strategies and tips for identifying common ground with elected officials and key stakeholders and tips for opening up channels of communication.

Part 2

Finding Common Ground: Opportunities for Uniting in a Shared Goal with Conservative Decision-Makers

To find common ground, or shared goals, it’s important to understand the underlying philosophy and ideas that drive policymakers. This session outlines the fundamental principles of conservatism and identifies key areas for agreement and opportunities for strengthening relationships with conservative elected officials.

Part 3

How to Be Heard: Media as a Public Relations Strategy

You’ve crafted your messages, and now you want to be heard, but how? When you understand how best to communicate with and to the media, it’s possible to use the media to your advantage. This session provides a breakdown of effective ways to engage with the media, tips for increasing your public awareness, and strategies designed to ensure your organization is noticed.

Part 4

Building Your Champions: Strategies for Community Organizing & Grassroots Mobilization

Once you’ve identified messages that work, it’s essential to arm your constituents and supporters with tools to effectively advocate for your cause. This session discusses tactics for identifying and cultivating your best messengers, engaging with your supporters online and in person, and mobilizing your allies to have your message heard.