April “Kayuri” Lat, MS, MPP

Senior Manager, Innovation & Research
black, white, and aqua illustration of April "Kayuri" Lat

About April

April is dedicated to creating playful safe spaces, both online and offline, that respect young people’s autonomy to dream, fail, and learn together. Maybe it’s because April is a gamer or maybe it’s because they love finding joy in even the smallest things. Probably both. To April, the In/Tend Hub is like the ultimate sandbox game; no rules (sorta…) and just good vibes—and she has admin permissions. Don’t worry, they’ll make sure you have infinite respawns.😉

As they transition from tech to the adolescent sexual and reproductive health field, April’s commitment to building safe online spaces and advocating with and for the well-being of young people continues to be a driving force in her work.

When they are not trying to make you embrace failure as part of the innovation process for the hundredth time, you can find April tucked away in their studio, producing music, playing online games with friends, and crocheting little manta rays they lovingly refer to as “pancake fish.”

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