elearning cover of Addressing Trafficking in Schools

Addressing Trafficking in Schools

December 2019

Through Healthy Teen Network’s partnership with the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Prevention of Adolescent Risk Initiative, this elearning unit is available to learn about sex and labor trafficking. This unit is focused on specifics for the state of Maryland, but participants from any state can learn about sex and labor trafficking as well.  

Suggested prerequisite: Human Trafficking 101

Estimated Time: 25 minutes 

Designed for educators, this elearning can help you understand how trafficking involves youth, and how educators can be prepared to properly prevent, recognize, and intervene. By completing this 25-minute module, you will be able to identify warming signs in the classroom that can indicate a student may be experiencing trafficking, use appropriate techniques to talk to students about trafficking, and promote a school environment that supports students to protect themselves from trafficking.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this elearning unit, participants will be able to… 

  1. Identify common signs in the classroom that may indicate a student is experiencing sex or labor trafficking; 
  2. Describe appropriate techniques for talking to students about sex and labor trafficking; and 
  3. Identify appropriate steps to take if they believe a student is trafficked or at-risk for trafficking. 

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