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Supporting Young Parents to Reach for the Stars!

U Choose to Know Digest, 2018

It can be hard keeping up with schoolwork, and even harder when pregnant and/or parenting. While it is true that only about 50% of young mothers graduate from high school (as opposed to 89% of women who have not had a baby), with the support of teachers and school staff, these young people can be the best students and parents they can be. Young parents (young fathers included!) need to know that they can still meet the goals they had set for themselves before they became parents.

Many girls are told outright that they have to leave school if they become pregnant, and face many other kinds of discrimination, when in fact it is their right to receive an education just like any other student. There is a growing movement to support young parents and to avoid shaming young people. Join this movement by facilitating your class with young parents in mind.

Check out this U Choose to Know resource for practical tips on making this happen for your young people.

Contributing Staff