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Welcome, Monique!

We’re excited to have Monique Davis join our Finance and Operations Department!   

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June 29, 2023

We’re excited to have Monique join Dawn, Shanise, and Jenna in our Finance and Operations Department.

She will help with crunching the numbers and working with the registrants she loves. She enjoys being a part of anything that involves helping others thrive.

Monique lives by the mindset that “You don’t hope for a great day, you make it a great day!”

Monique lives by the mindset that “You don’t hope for a great day, you make it a great day!” You are in full control of your happiness! When she’s not helping with the workload for the Ops crew, she’s in mommyville with her 3 kiddies—Aiden, Avery, and Amaya, riding the parental wave with her partner in crime Terence.

She also has a 12-year-old yorkie poo fur baby named Sampson. Music is always on in her house; it keeps good vibes going! She also loves shopping on Amazon for the newest skin care or buying something random to add to her obsession of all things animal print. (Seriously it’s bad!)

photo of Tonyé Fohsta-Lynch

Monique Davis

We asked Monique what she wishes she had learned in sex ed growing up but didn’t, and she shared, “I wish they provided more education on how even with a condom, some infections/diseases could still be spread. Most kids tend to think a condom will shield them from everything when that’s not always the case.”

In the summertime, Monique loves going to the beach, traveling, and sleeping in.

Welcome to the crew, Monique!

PHOTO CREDIT: Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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