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Keep It Simple & No Te Compliques


Growing up isn’t easy. Navigating your sexual health isn’t easy either. But there are some things we can make simpler, like making sure you know that you have the right to high-quality sexual health care and that we care enough to help you get it.

Check out the Keep It Simple video, available in English and Spanish, for information on how to get the right sexual health care from trusted, youth-friendly contraceptive and reproductive healthcare providers.

Facilitator’s Guide

We teamed up with CAI to develop a short, to-the-point facilitator’s guide, or lesson plan, you can use along with your sex ed program, health educators, clinic outreach staff…however you can think to meet teens where they are. Available in English and Spanish, the guide has a super handy template to will help you relay information about teens’ rights to seek out sexual health care, and a template for referring young people to the health centers that will meet their needs. The 45-minute lesson plan has easy to follow information about understanding what it means to be a youth-friendly healthcare provider—so you can find one when you need one.

Contributing Staff

Video available in English and Spanish.