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Making Evidence-Based Sexual Health Education Work in Schools (MESHEWS)


Making Evidence-Based Sexual Health Education Work in Schools (MESHEWS) is a companion to the PSBA-GTO manual, building on the PSBA-GTO process to reflect the unique needs of education agencies. In particular, it adds and tailors guidance related to the following tasks:

  • Using data to select schools with students at disproportionate risk of teen pregnancy and STI/HIV for program implementation;
  • Assessing district and school readiness and capacity to implement sexuality education programs;
  • Using evidence to select and adapt curricula or other programmatic strategies that best match student needs and school capacity;
  • Aligning programs with school priorities, policies, laws, and standards;
  • Engaging stakeholders with the unique needs of the school system in mind; and
  • Developing a realistic plan to measure success in light of potential capacity constraints.
MESHEWS embeds this guidance within the PSBA-GTO framework, but also expands upon the framework to include more information about assessing readiness and engaging stakeholders.

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