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Healthy Teen Network believes that adolescent sexual and reproductive health is a social justice issue with public health impacts. These impacts are confounded by how and where youth live, learn, and play and require a holistic Youth 360⁰ approach to achieve equity.

Healthy Teen Network developed Youth 360°—based on an assessment of the field, as part of our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan—to make it easier to talk about and understand the intersection of the social determinants of health and social-ecological theory, and how each of us is affected by factors at an individual level, but also through our relationships and communities, and in society as a whole. Youth 360° is more than just a messaging tool; it is a way to approach systems-based change to respond to the dynamic lives of young people.

Our 2017–2020 Strategic Plan was our map for how we continued to lead the field to support and empower young people to thrive.

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