Position Statement: Ensuring Equity for Youth by Affirming Young People Who Are Pregnant or Parenting

Date: January 11, 2018

A more just and equitable world supports and empowers all adolescents and young adults—including young people who are pregnant or parenting—to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. All young people deserve respect, appreciation, and acceptance for their individual strengths, talents, and potential. And all adolescents and young adults have a right to comprehensive, developmentally and culturally appropriate, confidential support and services, including contraceptive services, and if pregnant, to full options counseling and services. With support and resources, young parents and their children can thrive. Affirming young people who are pregnant or parenting ensures equity for all youth.

Young parents must be included and affirmed, without stigmatization or shaming, in all aspects of adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and more specifically, targeted teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and HIV prevention efforts.

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Citation: Healthy Teen Network. (2018). Position statement: Ensuring equity for youth by affirming young people who are pregnant or parenting. Baltimore: Author. www.healthyteennetwork.org/resources/position-statement-affirming-young-people-pregnant-parenting/


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